-plastic body and cover, preventing risk of corrosion

-wide membrane continuous suction controller, guaranteeing reliability and fine adjustment

-available for different vacuum levels: 0-1000, 0-600 and 0-250 mbar

-inlet protection valve system in case of inlet positive pressures according to the UNI EN ISO 10079-3:2000

-outlet overpressure (negative) valve for model 250 and 650 mbar; vacuum gauge fitted with a protective bumper device

-on/off pushbutton allowing for the quick restoration of a pre-adjusted vacuum level;

-central adjustment plastic knob

-available with different probes for  AFNOR I DIN I BS standards

-Version for rail mounting available

-Wide range of accessories available (e.g. safety jars, collecting jars, probes, flexible pipes, trolleys, etc)



Tue purpose of the suction regulator is to measure and adjust the vacuum level within the context of medical suction operations. The suction controller has to be connected to the vacuum source, using generally a direct probe on the specific terminal units placed in the hospital or through a rail mounting system. Various accessories are available together with the vacuum regulator to complete the installation and to grant the right use, such as safety. and collecting jars, kit fur rail installation, probes, terminal tips and silicon rubes.


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